A little about me and the story of P.E.T. your dog:

Elisabeth and Bandit

Elisabeth and Bandit

After 20 years in the grocery business, I saw an opportunity to follow my passions when the company I was working for closed up shop in Northern California. I have always had a deep love for my childhood pets – goldfish, hamsters, cats, dogs, horses, chickens, a rabbit and a mouse – and was fascinated with animals in general. With my newly found free time I immediately signed on as a volunteer with the Placer SPCA, where I had adopted my dog, Bandit, on March 29, 2002. The information I got in the volunteer classes spurred a craving to learn all I could about animals and our relationships with them. Asking for referrals for further reading material eventually led not only to dozens of books, but to my attending many seminars and classes as well, and finally to the decision to turn my love for animals into my new career.

Although my quest for knowledge in training and behavior pointed to my goal of becoming a dog trainer, my business plan quickly expanded to include pet sitting and dog walking as I saw an overwhelming need for it. People were constantly asking me if I knew a quality pet sitter they could trust while away. It was then my goal to not only meet this need, but to surpass it and become the most professional, reliable and lovable pet sitter for my furry little clients!

I found so much joy in serving others and giving them the peace of mind to enable them to enjoy their vacations or to fully focus on whatever business takes them away, that pet sitting was the fastest growing portion of my business. After losing my beloved Aussie, Bear, to cancer in September 2009, I also added cage free boarding to my list of services. We immediately filled up and are always overjoyed to share our home with so many amazing dogs… and even a few cats!

Don’t let our name fool you; we do care for all types of critters!

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Elisabeth Rosen