Earth Rated® Poop Bags
Earth Rated Handle Bags
120-Count Unscented Bags With Handles $6.99
These thick bags have convenient handles for quick tying and disposal and are packaged in a box made from recycled materials that acts as the perfect dispenser.
Tricky Treat Ball
Tricky Treat Ball
Large (5″) $13.00
 Medium (3.5″) $12.00
Small (2.5″) $6.50
Fill it with food and this challenging interactive ball will entertain your dog for hours.
Extra Large $19.00
Large $12.00
Medium $10.00
A super-bouncy, red natural rubber compound toy that is perfect for fetch or can be stuffed to make a treat to entertain your dog.
Cool Pooch Sport Water Bottle
Cool Pooch Sports Bottle
Red or Blue $8.99
A water bottle for both pooch and human.
SprayShield™ Animal Deterrent Spray
SprayShield™ Animal Deterrent Spray
Retail Package (With Belt Clip) $15.00
Can Only $10.50
Safe citronella formula highly effective at discouraging aggressive animals.
XXS (less than 7 lbs.)
XS (8-14 lbs.)
S (15-25 lbs.)
M (26-40 lbs.)
L (41-64 lbs.)
XL (65-110 lbs.)
XXL (greater than 110 lbs.)
Thundershirt’s adjustable fasteners allow a snug fit to many different body shapes.