• Elisabeth’s GoodReads Dog Bookshelf – if you see a book that I have not reviewed or commented on, please ask, I am always happy to recommend good reading.
  • The Whole Dog Journal – great information on food, training, and all things dog!
  • The Pit Bull Placebo – you can download the text for free! The book provides a very educational and eye opening look at the history of dog aggression and how “myths, media and politics” pursuade our culture’s view’s on the subject. A must read for all who have ever loved or feared a dog!
  • Bottlekatz – a must have for information and assistance with the care of orphan kittens
  • Before You Get Your Puppy
    After You Get Your Puppy¬†–¬†free e-books from Open Paw, everything you need to know to start off right with your new puppy.