Bandit and Jada

Bandit Jada

I was afraid that my dog Jada would not want to come home after staying with Elisabeth and Bandit at P.E.T. Your Dog. She loved playing with Bandit, taking walks twice a day and romping in the spacious back yard. It was such an improvement over staying at the kennel. Elisabeth gave Jada lots of TLC and gave me peace of mind that my dog was well-cared-for. I’ve been telling all of my dog owner friends (and even strangers) about P.E.T. Your Dog


Shelbie, Samantha, and Dingo

Dingo Shelbie Samantha

Elisabeth has been great teaching my daughters (ages 6 and 4½) how to interact with our new puppy. She has a wonderful teaching/training style that my kids really relate to. It was really frustrating when I wasn’t able to find any group puppy classes that would allow children under 10 years of age to participate, since I want my children to be a huge part of our dog’s life. Thank goodness, I found Elisabeth. She has made a huge difference in how my children deal with our puppy, who was prone to nipping and biting. I highly recommend her for training and boarding. She has been a great asset to my husband and me, who are novice puppy owners. We really appreciate her willingness and availability when it comes to questions about our dog.


Boris and Gwenny

Boris Gwenny

My cats are my children, so I do not want to worry about them when we leave town for business or vacation. When we moved to Roseville, Elisabeth came highly recommended by someone who devotes her time to the SPCA and her own animals. I know the cats are comfortable with Elisabeth, and that makes me feel very secure in leaving them to her care. If she cannot make the visits due to her own schedule, she makes sure she has someone available. I never have to worry about knowing the cats (and my house) are in great care.


Jack, Tara, Elisabeth, Bohdi, and Bandit

Jack Tara Bohdi Bohdi Elisabeth Bandit

I am a Canine Training and Behavior Specialist at the SSPCA. I met Elisabeth at the Marine Humane Society’s Canine Behavior Academy and can confidently and wholeheartedly recommend her to take good care of your pets. She understands how to interact with pets in a way that will make them comfortable. In fact, my two dogs now know her as “Auntie Elisabeth” and love to go on walks with her and Bandit. When I have to go away, I don’t need to worry about them–I know they are safe, well looked after, and happy.


Rod, Uno, Elisabeth, and Bandit

Rod Uno Bandit Elisabeth Image Map

I already knew Elisabeth from volunteering with me at Placer SPCA some years ago. She used to come do in-home visits for my big senior dog when we went away. Now I have 2 smaller dogs, and when my neighbor couldn’t help out anymore, I reached out to Elisabeth. How delighted I was to hear that she was able to bring Rod and Uno into her home. I wasn’t sure how it would go with her dog Bandit, but when I brought my boys over, the introduction went well enough that she was confident that all would be well. That was 4 visits ago! Rod and Uno are happy to go to her house, and I know they get the right amount of exercise and in-house time, plus Rod gets his ball-play in the backyard. PLUS, Elisabeth has seen firsthand what challenges we have with our newest addition, Uno the chihuahua, so she is helping me to work on Uno’s trickier behaviors, such as barking and lunging when we are on a walk. We are making some progress, thanks to Elisabeth’s training guidance. Not to mention her rates are very reasonable! I am so grateful to know that our boys are in such competent and loving hands.


Mason R.I.P. Mason